lady-in-blue-small-business-pf            October is National Women’s Small Business Month, I’m sure if you’re reading this blog right now you can recognize a few women in your circle who are part of this growing category and that is great! As of 2012 there were 9.9 million women-owned businesses. 9.9 MILLION BUSINESSES OWNED BY WOMEN. The number is astounding and the figure has not taken into account the market trends and growth since 2012.

            Reflecting on my own goals for the future I can only aspire to be apart of the 10 million women who are changing the market, breaking down barriers, putting to work new ideas, and being successful because they had a vision and chased it.

            I wanted to study marketing because I have always loved to see the thought process behind how people think. What causes them to choose one product over another? Why do they go through a drive-thru instead of going in? Small questions like this this sometimes have no other obvious reason than “I wanted to.” I believed that studying marketing would open these doors and answer these questions and now I know the amount of work behind every company’s product choice. Through learning all of this I realized what the true meaning of marketing is and why I enjoy it so much. The overall goal is to feel so passionately about your product or service that you want everyone to know so that you can solve people’s needs by connecting them to the product or service.

            Why did I just tell you a short synopsis about why I love my major and the focus of the career path I hope to follow and accomplish someday? Well, because of the women that have taken the time to realize and follow their dreams, no matter what barriers were in their way, I am given the opportunity to realize mine.

            I hope to one-day join these 10 million businesswomen who have realized their dreams and created innovative products and services that embody their passions and make it into a career. This is a celebration that should just be the start of what is left to come in the future for women owned businesses.


Written by Garnett Bruce, Team Member of – Garnett is a senior at Butler University studying marketing and strategic communication who loves to see people reach their goals. She seeks to constantly learn and evolve. Reprint allowed if including author credit.