Sandy Roob

“The entrepreneurial speakers provide inspiration and the business training offers motivation in a supportive atmosphere with other women.”

Emmy Award Winner Documentary Producer & Artist, Sandy Roob

Debbie Mikulla

“SWMH is not your average networking group, it’s so much more.  I believe women like to do business with someone they know and trust, 
and SWMH offers the opportunity to create deep, personal relationships. The Speaker Spotlight and Mastermind Circle offer an aspect of education and personal growth.  I look forward to the meeting every month!

Debbie Mikulla Wardrobes

Eva Harris

“SWMH was introduced to me by my business partner, Kimberly McDaniel and I’m so thankful she did! SWMH has been a great avenue to hear like-minded women share experiences of owning companies and organizations. Every time I attend SWMH, it’s such an inspiration to see women overcome obstacles and share their stories on how to maintain gratitude and persevere. SWMH has also helped grow our client base.”

The Beauty Lounge

Diana Ruschhaupt

“SWMH gives a healthy dose of inspiration! It is authentic networking with a genuine group of women.”

Health Ed Pros

Jayne Jackson

“Every SWMH event is jam-packed with inspiration, motivation, & education.  I’ve met the most fabulous women and have learned so much from both the experts and our mastermind.  Sheryl’s coaching helped me clarify what I needed to set appropriate goals… I just love it!”

Bee Your Dream 

Kelly Kichler

“I’ve been searching for something like SWMH.  Every time I attend, my whole day is better!  I feel empowered and love that I’m able to feel free and talk to other successful women.  When I don’t know what to do, I get support and feedback from the group.  It really sets the tone of my day!” 

Heard Real Estate Team

Elizabeth Urbanski

“SWMH is an amazing organization that brings women together to motivate and inspire each other to be their best version of themselves.  I have gained both friendships and business opportunities from being a part of SWMH.”


Sherry Borshoff

“Each month, taking part in SWMH rejuvenates me and provides real connections to other women entrepreneurs who are professional, like minded women who support each other in business as well as personally. I have gained so much more than just an increase in revenue for my business.”

Borshoff Consulting

Ann Baker

“SWMH not only jump started my business, but awoke a new beginning for the rest of my life.”

Estrosso Designs

Patia Meismer

“Successful Women Made Here is a group of women that not only are inspirational, but are striving to make changes in the community for the better!  The personal development alone is worth coming to these monthly meetings.   I look forward to going to them for motivation and to see smiling and welcoming faces makes me rejuvenated for the month ahead.”


Cindy Herr-Pino

“I love the interaction between the members SWMH. Learning about everyone’s specialty and applying their wisdom to my life has increased my knowledge. Since being a member I have utilized the services of a personal organizer, been inspired by a members weight loss journey and self-discovery, enhanced my beauty regimen.  Sharing my business has created awareness, increased my customer base, and grown my team.  The world is constantly changing and ‘Successful Women Made Here’ helps me stay up to to speed.” 

Color Street

Anita Lerche

“SWMH sparkles of friendliness, deep inspiration and purpose – perfect ingredients in the process of expanding my business and network here in Indiana.”

Anita Lerche Music

Marietta Stalcup

“I always learn something new to build business as well as make a new friend.”


Sue Cinnamon

“I always leave happier!”

Sysco Foods

Jenni Beesley

“Consulting monthly with Sheryl has provided me an invaluable fresh perspective to successfully brand my business and reach people who want healthier lives.  Regarding the monthly events, Sheryl also has an amazing ability to put together education and inspiration.  I always look forward to SWMH!” 

Juice Plus

Andrea Liebross

“The combination of networking, inspiration, and conversation that SWMH provides is welcome and rare. The women involved as well as the featured speaker each month are all about lifting each other up which creates an atmosphere where success is easily fostered.”

Nancy Paul

“Successful Women is a great place to meet like minded business women.  I feel so recharged after every meeting.  Thank you Sheryl for making a difference in my life!”

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