The Power of An Educated Girl Presentation

Michelle Obama spoke Tuesday, September 29, 2015 in New York at a Harlem Girls’ Education Event on the theme for young women of “Don’t Hold Back in School”. At the event the first lady talked about how this theme fit in with her government wide campaign called Let Girls Learn. This campaign’s aim is to improve the opportunities for girls to get an education around the world. Her focus for this talk was to encourage the women in attendance to “Compete with the Boys. Beat the boys.”

An important aspect that we can take away from this speech and these campaigns are that we are creating a better future for all women- by going the extra mile and breaking down barriers in your field and helping others break down their own barriers. This is all in the hopes of achieving not just more but accomplishing your dreams and goals, while helping others accomplish theirs.

The global affects of this campaign are to help women in other countries have the same level of opportunities as women and girls in America do, while also encouraging the advancement of women and girls in the U.S. To dive even deeper the basis of this campaign in other countries is to have girl’s complete primary school and to have an overall better life because of their education. Having an education, especially in less developed countries all over the world means having the opportunity to choose when and whom you marry, benefit from better nutrition, lower rates of HIV/AIDs, have lower infant mortality, and the list continues- all because of the opportunity to further your education.

We all know that education is important and to the extent that every day without learning is a day wasted. We must constantly be working harder to make our voices known and to be able to complete with the boys and then to beat them by having the same opportunities.

I’m sure as you’re reading this you’re thinking of all the ways your education has helped you further along in your career and in your life. I’m encouraging each of you to ask yourselves about what you have learned today and how it is going to help you later on. I’m encouraging you to seek new experiences for learning and expanding your repertoire and also helping other women and young girls get the opportunity to learn and succeed. Keep in mind as well to not only do it for yourselves and your career but for the future of women and everyone around the world. Also, to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new for the benefit of having the opportunity to learn and seek out the seeds of knowledge with the opportunities presented at every chance and every Successful Women Made Here, event. The final thing I’m asking is to comment below and share something about what made you want to learn or who was instrumental in your education and how!

Written by Garnett Bruce, Team Member of – Garnett is a senior at Butler University studying marketing and strategic communication who loves to see people reach their goals. She seeks to constantly learn and evolve. Reprint allowed if including author credit.