SEO graphicSEOWhen you hear about the next big thing, but want to know more information than what was given, what is the first thing you do? That’s right, pull up your browser on your phone, computer or tablet and type it in. You see that the very first link on the search seems to answer all of your questions and you think “Wow, that was just what I wanted,” but why did that site come up before others? This is all because of a scientific computer word formula that is supposed to bring the most relevant and up-to-date information to you from your search. This technique is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization; it is the process of creating valuable content and information for visitors through search results. This impacts where your website comes up when people search key words relating to your business in your area. How do you get this to work for you though? I have outlined six tips that will better your placement on results for your business.

  1. Create a unique and simple URL that is consistent over all forms of media. This should be something fairly short and gives the viewer a quick overview about who you are and where you are located. It is extra special to include your location if you have a common name so that it pulls people in your area to your business.
  2. Don’t forget your Google+ account Google+ is the 3rd most popular social media site in the world for a number of reasons- it’s simple, high username recognition and a trusted source, but also easily overlooked by many. Taking the time to update your businesses Google+ profile and having reliable information and content shared on the site will help to increase your rankings on the search engine.
  3. Make sure your profiles share useful information about you and your business. It is important to fill out the “About Me” sections and profile information completely. That way they convey the same consistent message and information to your viewers about you. If the sites allow, put a link to your business website for easy direction back to your site.
  4. Add Geo-Targeted Keywords This means that you need to include relevant location oriented words to your website so that when people are looking for your particular industry in their area it will guide them back to you! Examples of relevant geo-targeted words include things such as adding your actual address, the city or cities you are in or the neighborhoods and areas you service.
  5. Create Shareable Content Produce up to date and engaging content on your sites so that your audience can share the material on their sites. This is great for a number of reasons. For SEO, the more you engage and relate to your audience the more social media credibility and authority you will gain for your site and name. The search engine will begin to trust you coming up higher on search results. For your followers this is a good way to connect with them and show that you are an expert in your field, thus building your brand-consumer relationship.
  6. Regularly Post Fresh Content Regular and consistent posts to all your social media sites will help them move up on search engine results. It shows that you have updated content- the newest of the new to solve and answer their questions and that you are also working to keep your audience engaged with your pages and sites.
  7. (Most) Everything Counts Search engines look at the content on your pages and how it can easily and with the most trusted sites match what was searched. Specifically, SEO is looking at useful Meta descriptions for your work as well as informative comments and captions on pictures and images to further connect searcher and content. When writing a Meta description or caption for an image you should include what it is and where it is.

The final take away is to remember that you are writing for your readers as an expert or a source of knowledge on a subject or in a field- not for SEO content building so don’t lose track of your audience. These are all simple things you should be doing or adjust your plan to start including more regularly. They will not only help you come up higher in search results but also engage your followers. Fresh and informative content is important in brand relationships and in brand awareness. In my opinion people love things that are simple and easy, the more in-sync your social media and business website are, the easier it is to find answers to problems and the easier it is to navigate. This will result in higher ratings thus bringing more traffic to your site and more business to you! It isn’t accomplished overnight but can be a fun way to connect and bring your services or products to people who are searching for them.
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