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Taxes aren’t enjoyable for most of us, but the process of helping businesses stay on track and out of trouble is FUN for Sherry Borshoff.  She even dubs herself as Indiana’s Tax Expert!  While her specialty is helping those get out of tax situations with the IRS, she works with her ongoing clients so that doesn’t happen in the first place.  

As entrepreneurs we want to work on our business and not be consumed with QuickBooks, payroll, cash flow, tax preparation but it’s all part of it. At our SWMH Jan. 9th event from 9-11 am,  Sherry will share 3 tips:  how to stay on track, not get overwhelmed with taxes, and what to avoid.

Three easy steps to get your business money situation in order. Start the year off right with how you keep track of business expenses and how to make it your best year yet financially so you keep more of your money.

Successful Women Made Here is your backstage pass to business. Be a part of the interviews of notable entrepreneurs who create their brand, make millions and/or launch a product into the marketplace. Learn their business secrets and experience the mastermind circle.

This is networking redefined and the place for women to move forward, gain confidence, contacts, resources, real relationships, and lead with purpose in their lives.


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