Obstacles in your way to making the right decision?

We’ve all had them – BIG decisions to make that may pertain to money, your profession, your product/service, and/or your family… Either way it’s “what to do – and when?” that makes all the difference. And yes, hindsight always seems 20/20. Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled The New York City Marathon after many residents became extremely vocal questioning why it would even go on while New York and its boroughs were still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Especially residents on Staten Island were outraged that NYC and marathon officials would occupy police and other resources while thousands suffer without electricity, food, and shelter; and city workers treat the injured, prevent gas explosions, and are occupied with clean up. With all the news coverage of Hurricane Sandy and my not being a serious runner, I had forgotten about the approaching marathon. Then, when I first heard of the impending date, I immediately thought it would be postponed or canceled. I was completely astonished when the Mayor at first said they were going ahead with it. Why would they do that? a. NY’ers are resilient after 911 and can bounce back better than anyone? b. NY’ers are tough, can handle it, and know how to move on? c. Thousands of people from around the world were already in town d. Millions are dollars from sponsors and attendees were at stake e. All of the above Probably E – All of the Above. While it can’t be reduced to just one reason as many aspects came into play, but a big factor is the money. The decision to cancel may have cost $340 MILLION DOLLARS to the city, the club, and charities. It’s estimated that ING alone paid more than $4 million to be the title sponsor of the marathon. The official organizer is The New York Road Runner’s club with annual revenue of about $55 million. In 2010 the race: • Drew more than 45,000 participants, 2 million spectators, and reached 315 million worldwide on TV • Motivated each runner to spend about $1,800 (travel, lodging, race fee, etc.) • Took in more than 326 million • Brought about direct tax revenues of $11 million • Provided 24 million to NYC charities There is a BIG lesson we can take away from this for our business decisions. LESSON: HAVE A MENTOR, COACH, CONSULTANT Mayor Bloomberg has advisors, a President has a cabinet of advisors, a CEO has a board of directors, athletes have a coach, actors have an agent, employees have a manager, etc. Regardless whether your business is big or small, you MUST have a mentor/coach/consultant as your sounding board to weigh your options. Every business professional needs a mentor who’s looking out for your best interest, your bottom line, your integrity…with some common sense thrown in. Someone vested in your business, but not as emotionally attached to it as you. A coach to help you make sound decisions and to guide you when it’s appropriate to change course with a new line of action. ENTRY POINT: As a member at the in-person events at Successful Women Made Here – you have at your disposal educated, experienced, informed women to network and discuss options, ideas, and decisions. MASTERMIND: When you mastermind, you are part of a core group who you have a stronger relationship with and you gain more personalized feedback regarding your business. MENTOR/COACH: The most direct line of action, feedback, and guidance is with individual attention of a mentor/coach. Private sessions are available too at Successful Women Made Here. For more information contact: info@SuccessfulWomenMadeHere.com For membership rates go to: Successful Women Made Here And, what do you think