rosie-the-riveter1We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to women who’ve paved the way. It’s not easy being amongst the first – there are many obstacles to overcome not to mention many who may not be glad you arrived. There are objections about your placement in this uncharted territory, and misunderstandings over the attention you may receive for being the anomaly. But, early pioneers pushed past the difficulties like computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper, and 1940’s baseball player Dottie Kamenshek who inspired the movie “A League of Their Own.” PageLines- images-1.jpegAt Successful Women Made Here, we’re fortunate to learn from our VIP Guest IndyCar Driver Pippa Man & Featured Member Sue Cinnamon – Sales Maverick for Sysco – Thursday, Jan. 16th. Pippa is the 8th woman in history to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 and she’s the first British female driver to ever qualify, start, and finish the race. How did she make that happen? What’s it take to compete – no matter if it’s in racing or life? Pippa shares her mindset to success – no matter what business you are in. Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.20.20 PMWhen Sue stepped into food sales at Sysco – she was the only woman in that arena. As a single mom at the time, she knew she had to prove herself or be eaten for lunch so to speak. Sue not only survived, but thrived. She’s achieved what few reach – the toughest Sysco Corporate award nationally there is to be had and she’s done it 7 TIMES! At Sysco, Sue’s also received “Sales Person of the Year” 3 times, won a car, countless trips to places like Colorado, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Hawaii… oh, the sweet taste of success in the food industry. It’s an understatement to say Sue Cinnamon is the consummate sales person. She’s thrilled people love to go out to eat! She’s motivated by the potential to earn more money through her efforts because that way she is rewarded for working smarter and harder. She prefers to work for commission and will share why it’s your biggest asset to better pay. Food sales is highly competitive yet Sue believes she’s set herself apart from her competition by listening to her customers and helping them succeed. She builds relationships and in doing so, many of her customers have even become friends who invite her to their weddings, homes, and parties. Learn from this Sales Icon. Become a Member too – and you just may be featured here too! Join usfor this once in a lifetime opportunity – to hear from 2 such modern day Pioneers. You’ll come away with a tougher mindset after Thursday. If they can achieve what they did with hardly any role models or support – we have no excuses. Learn their secrets on how to compete, be tough, and succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Thursday, Jan. 16th – Successful Women Event 9 am David A. Noyes Bldg. 250 W. 96th (at Meridian near Granite City), Indpls Event sponsored by Mike Kessel of David A. Noyes