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Linda Znachko didn’t know her purpose would reveal itself on the day she learned of a newborn baby wearing only a diaper was found in a dumpster in Indianapolis.  All she could think of was, “A Dumpster is NOT a grave – A Diaper is NOT a burial gown and Doe is NOT a name!”

Sadly even with the Safe Haven law, babies are still abandoned, buried in nameless graves, with no headstone to mark either their deaths or their lives.  Linda believes every person’s life deserves dignity.  So she created “He Knows Your Name” ministry and is author of the award winning book by the same name, He Knows Your Name, How One Abandoned Baby Inspired Me to Say YES to God.  Linda has traveled the country to provide services for children in need of a proper burial and headstones with the assistance of companies and providing christening gowns out of former wedding gowns with the coordination of Little Angel Gowns.


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