I recently went to a Jimmy Buffett concert and as an entrepreneur I viewed the homemade fins on top of vehicles, the tailgating, multi-generations of Parrotheads, VIP section, and the limos in a new light.  The lengths, costs, and extremes thousands of people go to in order to be a part of it, again and again.

Jimmy Buffett is celebrating 40 years together with his band and while of course he’s created a brand for the eternal vacation and a life in flip-flops, he’s a SUPERSTAR of an entrepreneur.

Of course, there’s money in the tours, albums, restaurants, t-shirts and more – but the reason he’s never even had to make a “come back” is because Jimmy Buffett is all about the “EXPERIENCEand less about the music.  Now, don’t get me wrong – he is an extremely talented musician, singer, writer, and artist.  I love many of his songs (and his novels too), but his brand is about the feeling you experience and hope to continue in your soul. It’s the feeling you get smelling chocolate chip cookies and instantly feel at home.  Okay, that’s my sentiment with soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies – so whatever it is that you relate too. With Buffett, – the sound of the steel drums; and the garb of silly grass skirts, coconut shells or a lei that you get at the party store last minute psychologically help you unwind, relax, and feel happy that last beyond the concert.  They become an imprint on your subconscious of a positive moment that brings you happiness – and you want more of it again and again.  We react and recall either painful or pleasurable events of our lives.

So the magic here is the “EXPERIENCE.”  The experience is the destination.

What are you doing in your business to create an experience with your customers and clients?  An experience you create could be the very thing that has you stand out over your competitors or help you get noticed in the first place.  Plus, you’ll have more staying power. The key is not just your product or your service – but conveying the WHY.   Utilize the 5 senses too and the more senses you can involve in that experience the better.  That’s what will get you closer to your customers/clients and have them desiring to do business with you because they need to.  Turning a want into a need.  The fans of Buffett have seen him more than once if not dozens of times.  Yet, they believe they “NEED” to go again because they desire that experience. So put on your flip flops and ponder/create – then take action as to what can you offer and/or do differently so your customers/clients need to experience what you provide – over and over again. Sheryl Matthys – Founder of SuccessfulWomenMadeHere.com