Pippa's story captivated us

Pippa Mann’s story captivated us

Ever been glued to a book that you just can’t put down – because the story is sooo good? That’s exactly why you should be sharing your story in business and you don’t have to be a JK Rowling, or Steve Jobs to do it. Have you ever landed on a TV show you didn’t plan on and you just couldn’t change the channel – like iceskating during the Olympics– its okay guys you can admit it.  You got hooked and you just had to know what happens next? It’s because we’re human and we just can’t resist a good story.  And, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not including your story in your business.  It’s a KEY aspect that’ll have you stand out from your competitors – because it conveys your POINT OF VIEW. There are several reasons to share your story – but I want to highlight three.

# 1.  Your Story Reveals Your Personality

Your story showcases your attitude – it’s a glimpse of what you’d be like to work with.  Are you friendly, approachable or simply serious and professional?  When people get to know you better through your story, they’re more likely to trust you and you’ll actually seem more attractive – isn’t that a plus!

#2.  Your Story Invokes Emotion in Them & Vulnerability in You

You see people may not remember the details of your story, but rather how you made them feel.  And, nobody likes a know it all – so when it’s appropriate – revealing a flaw, a challenge, or lesson learned — makes you seem more real.  You’re able to connect because you understand their pain – and you share how you dealt with it and moved on to success.

#3 Your Story Engages their Brain

Our brain reacts to facts with a logical mind and to a story with an emotional mind.  That’s why a story can have others feel like it’s happening to them, they can relate, or get inspired. For instance, people will ask my why I started Successful Women Made Here.  I could just say to empower women.  But one of my stories behind it came from filming my documentary called, “Subway Baby” in New York City. I was 9 months pregnant at the time, with a toddler and every mom knows what it’s like to handle a stroller up and down some stairs.  You may have maneuvered this at an entrance with steps – in my case it was up and down subway stairs and looking for an empty seat on a train – and it felt like no one seemed to notice.  So one day I placed an undercover camera on my baby – he became an uncover agent so to speak as I studied how or if we help one another.  I wondered – if it’s not apparent to help someone obviously in need, then would anybody in business be willing to share a resource, a tip, or just lift one another up?  Or have we become so competitive to only look out for ourselves.  I wanted to create a women’s group that would BE THE CHANGE in business –and Successful Women Made Here was born. You’ve got a story to share – that could be on the tip of your tongue for your next presentation or networking event that would make you unforgettable. Need help discovering your story and how to tell it?   Check out my consulting page and let’s get started with your story to get you to Star-Status.  Haven’t you waited long enough?  Get noticed, and get more profitable.