How to Better Manage Your Time

Start your New Year with what is important to you. Successful Women Made Here have compiled a foolproof way to plan your days to make more time for what is important in life and to you.

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The Importance of Market Research

Market research should be the key pillar in deciding the viability in your in your idea or service. Successful Women Made Here has outlined the four main steps to follow to conduct this research.

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Storytelling for Business

For business the art of storytelling is essential, yet it is forgotten by most in the brand process. In our business career we will learn to not only sell our product or our service but most importantly, we must sell ourselves. Selling and story telling go hand in hand.

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Small Business Saturday

November has three of the biggest shopping days of the year in most people’s opinion; these days are Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday was put into place November 27, 2010.

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The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving!

Did you know a woman saved Thanksgiving?! My daughter is in 3rd grade and every week she brings home a new library book. Most of the time, they are simply cute stories about puppies but recently she read more

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What’s Your Story?

Ever been glued to a book that you just can’t put down – because the story is sooo good? That’s exactly why you should be sharing your story in business and you don’t have to be a JK Rowling, read more

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What’s The Right Mindset for SUCCESS?

What is the mindset of an athlete?  They certainly have to consistently tell themselves that they CAN DO IT – whether that’s jump so high, run so far, make the shot.

It’s no different in business.

And, the good news is even a glimmer of hope and CAN DO attitude can make a monumental difference.

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Marathon of a Decision

We’ve all had them – BIG decisions to make that may pertain to money, your profession, your product/service, and/or your family… Either way it’s “what to do – and when?” that makes read more

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